Wednesday, December 1, 2010

XD Arrival of new items XD

Hi everyone!

just a few more weeks to christmas . SO EXCITED haha

Good news for all, here are some of the items that are expected to come next weeks:D


1)ねんどろいどぷらす ブラック★ロックシューター[BRS Plushie]

2)一番くじきゅんキャラわーるどSP けいおん!(10-620)V [K-ON!!]

3)ねんどろいど[クイーンズブレイド]トモエ[Queen's blade Nendoroid Tomoe]

4)H2425 VOCALOID 巡音ルカ・鏡音レン Exフィギュア[luka and len]

Angel beats petite part 2,(ねんどろいど ぷち えんじぇるびーつ! せっと02) [hehehe >u<>

Nendoroid Hatsune miku(normal version, re-issue),(ねんどろいど はつねみく)

BRS dead master PVC original,(でっどますたー おりじなるばーじょん)

Nendoroid no.128 haruhi disappearance.....ver.,(ねんどろいど すずみやはるひ しょうしつVer.)

Black Rock Shooter -animation version- (ぶらっく★ろっくしゅーたー あにめーしょんばーじょん)
For this item, it's still on pending. (update you soon!)

haha do remember to collect your items from us XD
we are having 50% off for our local courier delivery service during our holiday season ! [to save your time collecting from us hehehe and enjoy your holiday]

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  1. hi~just want to ask you that the H2425 VOCALOID 巡音ルカ・鏡音レン Exフィギュア[luka and len],how much~ and can buy len only?