Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yearly MF @ GSC Photo Competition 2011!!!

YO! MINA !!!
The Photo Competition hosted by Good Smile Company and Max Factory is finally here again, together with the upcoming Wonder Hobby 13 event, which is going to be held on Febuary 6th, 2011 :D
People who are interested in joining the competition, kindly read up the following XD:

The rules:
- Only GSC and Max Factory products allowed.(eg. Figma, Nendoroid, Scaled, or combinations of all of them.)
- You are allowed to use any media to take your photos.
- You are allowed to enhance and add effects to your photos (Photoshop, etc).
- Only 1 entry/photo per person.
- Max of 3MB of image size.
- Must be your own work.
- Old photos are acceptable.
- Themes are free.

You may be disqualified or photos removed from the contest if:

- You used other people works.
- You uploaded more than 1 photo.
- There are duplicates.
- Your photo is offending.
- Copyright Photos.

…and more if deemed inappropriate.

Anyway, all the entries will be posted on WonHobby Twitpic and this time 200 Finalist will be chosen.
Voting will start on January 21st~30th, 2011 and each person will be able to vote up to 5 finalist, only 1 vote per finalist allowed.
Winners will be announced during Wonder Hobby 13 Post-Event Talk Show, which will be streamed LIVE on NicoDouga.

Hehe submissions are already opened and will run through January 14th, 2011. You can start sending your submission Here. The contest is open for everyone because its international!! wu hooo!!
Well attractive prizes also come along !!
Grand Prize(1 Winner): a MacBook Air
Gold Prize (1 Winner): a PS3 Slim + a Black Rock Shooter OVA Blu-Ray.
Silver Prize (1 Winner): a NERF N-Strike Vulcan
- Judges Favourite (? Winner): Prizes will be revealed at later date. There’s a total of 13 Judges, so there could be 13 winners. (well who knows ^^)
- Consollation Prize (200 Finalist): A Photobook containing all of the Finalist entries.
- Participation Prize (All Applicants): A Photo Plinth.
Jiayous everyone :D
For more information kindly go to :

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