Tuesday, February 15, 2011

K-ON! Sweet Moscots!! けいおん!!すいーつますこっと

Normal 5 Pieces Set, so Delicious ~3~
Get this set @ S$39.00
Exclusively for Toyo-members only ^^

Varient 5 Pieces Set! I want to eat them NOW!!
Get this set @ S$43.00

Azunyan on Chocolate Donut & Strawberry Donuts, OMG!

Get Chocolate @ S$7.50
Strawberry @ S$10.00

OPs!!! i took a bite, hehe

Mio on coffee cups, LOL
2 cubes of sugar, please ~ ~

Get White @ S$6.50
Yellow @ S$9.00

Well, here's pretty Mugi serving tea again, hehe
ME, ME, refill mine =3=

Get White @ S$7.50
Yellow @ S$9.00

O.O Yum yum!!

Get Vanilla @ S$8.00
Chocolate @ S$9.00

Not sure what flavours those ice creams are, LOL

Each @ S$10.00
Interested email me or FB me ^^

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