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Candytoyo New Pre-orders!! ~ 29.10.12

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Some New Pre-orders!!
And don't miss some of our item offers 00

Title: Nendoroid Aria Dust Uniform Version 18.11.12
Japan: ねんどろいど ホライゾン・アリアダスト 制服Ver.境界線上のホライゾン
Maker: Good Smile Company Japan/ Dengekiya
Details: Approx.100mm
Release Date: March 2013
Japan Retail Price: 3,800 Yen

Our Price: S$120.00
member: S$115.00
P.O Price: S$105.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

Title: ONE PIECE D.C.P.F Chopper Knight Ver. 05.11.12
Japan: D.P.C.F トニートニー チョッパー ナイトVer. 1/7完成品
Maker: PLEX Japan
Details: Approx.240mm
Release Date: Dec 2012
Japan Retail Price: 3,675 Yen

Our Price: S$72.00
member: S$66.00
P.O Price: S$57.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

Title: Naruto D.C.P.F Naruto Uzumaki -Yomigaeru Sharingan Hen- 1/7 05.11.12
Japan: D.P.C.F うずまきナルト 蘇る写輪眼編 1/7完成品
Maker: PLEX Japan
Details: Approx.230mm
Release Date: Dec 2012
Japan Retail Price: 7,980 Yen

Our Price: S$155.00
member: S$142.00
P.O Price: S$128.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$50.00

Title: Prisma Illya (Manga ver.) 09.11.12
Japan: PVC完成品[Fate/Kaleid liner プラズマ☆イリヤ]プリズマ☆イリヤ コミックver.
Maker: Phat! Japan
Details: Approx.190mm
Release Date: March 2013
Japan Retail Price: 7,800 Yen

Our Price: S$138.00
member: S$125.00
P.O Price: S$115.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$50.00

Title: figma Mami Tomoe: School Uniform ver. 15.11.12
Japan: igma[魔法少女まどか☆マギカ]巴マミ 制服ver.
Maker: Max Factory Japan
Details: Approx.125mm
Release Date: March 2013
Japan Retail Price: 3,200 Yen

Our Price: S$65.00
member: S$58.00
P.O Price: S$53.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

Title: The Black Haired Shine Priestess, Rayleigh 15.11.12
Japan: PVC完成品[PANDRA-白き欲望 黒の希望-]黒き触髪の巫女・レイリィ
Maker: FREEing Japan
Details: Approx.320mm
Release Date: March 2013
Japan Retail Price: 14,800 Yen

Our Price: S$270.00
member: S$255.00
P.O Price: S$230.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$50.00

Title: Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse - Yui Takamura Off Style Ver. 1/6 05.11.12
Japan: 篁唯依 オフスタイルver. 
Maker: Skytube Japan
Details: Approx.195mm
Release Date: April 2013
Japan Retail Price: 7,770 Yen

Our Price: S$150.00
member: S$142.00
P.O Price: S120.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$30.00

Title: ONE PIECE Premium & Alive Figure ~ Chopper in Fishman Island 05.11.12
Maker: Banpresto Prize Japan
Details: Approx.150mm
Release Date: March 2013
Japan Retail Price: ~ 

Our Price: S$49.00
member: S$42.00
P.O Price: S32.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$10.00

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