Sunday, December 9, 2012

Candytoyo New Pre-orders ~ 10.12.12

Hello ^^

Enjoy these new pre-orders ~

Title: Nendoroid no.294 Frau Koujiro ~ 23.12.12
Japan: ねんどろいど[ロボティクス・ノーツ]神代フラウ
Maker: Good Smile Company Japan
Details: Approx.100mm
Release Date: April 2013
Japan Retail Price: 3,500 Yen

Our Price: S$63.00
member: S$58.00
P.O Price: S$53.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$10.00

Title: Nendoroid Petite: IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Stage 01  ~ 23.12.12
Japan: ねんどろいど[ロボティクス・ノーツ]神代フラウ
Maker: Good Smile Company Japan
Details: Approx.65mm, 5 +2, selling in 8 pcs box
Release Date: April 2013
Japan Retail Price: 4,000 Yen

Our Price: S$80.00
member: S$72.00
P.O Price: S$65.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$10.00

Title: Mikudayo 1/8 ~ 30.12.12
Japan: 可動フィギュア[キャラクター・ボーカル・シリーズ01 初音ミク]ミクダヨー
Maker: Good Smile Company Japan
Details: Approx.200mm
Release Date: May 2013
Japan Retail Price:7,800 Yen

Our Price: S$160.00
member: S$148.00
P.O Price: S$129.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

Title: Princess of the Crystal Alter Ver.  ~ 30.12.12
Japan: PVC完成品[輪るピングドラム]プリンセス・オブ・ザ・クリスタル
Maker: Alter Japan
Details: Approx.180mm
Release Date: May 2013
Japan Retail Price: 12,390 Yen

Our Price: S$245.00
member: S$230.00
P.O Price: S$218.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$50.00

Title: figma Takamura Yui ~ 23.12.12
Japan: figma[マブラブ オルタネイティブ T.E]篁唯依
Maker: MaxFactory Japan
Details: Approx.155mm
Release Date: April 2013
Japan Retail Price: 3,800 Yen

Our Price: S$75.00
member: S$68.00
P.O Price: S$63.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

Title: Okabe Rintaro 1/8  ~ 30.12.12
Maker: PLUM Japan
Details: Approx.230mm
Release Date: March 2013
Japan Retail Price: 7,140 Yen

Our Price: S$135.00
member: S$125.00
P.O Price: S$115.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

Title: Cu-poche Saber ~ 30.01.13
Japan: 可動フィギュア[Fate/stay night]キューポッシュ セイバー
Maker: Kotobukiya Japan
Details: Approx.110mm
Release Date: June 2013
Japan Retail Price: 3,990 Yen

Our Price: S$70.00
member: S$66.00
P.O Price: S$60.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

Title: ONE PIECE P.O.P Film Z Edition Tony Tony Chopper ~ 25.12.12
Japan: P.O.P[ワンピース EDITION-Z]トニートニー・チョッパー
Maker: Megahouse Japan
Release Date: April 2013
Japan Retail Price: 3,255 Yen

Our Price: S$85.00
member: S$78.00
P.O Price: S$68.00          P.O Now!!
Deposit: S$20.00

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