Monday, August 12, 2013

Candytoyo New Pre-orders!! ~ 12.08.13

Hello ^^

Our new online store has been successfully launched!!
Thanks for everyone's support!

For our future Pre-orders, 
you can choose to visit our online store directly to get hold of the latest Pre-order items, 
or as usual, go thru the list of products by our emails.
Details of products will be linked to our website.
Press the Pre-order button and Wa...La...
of cos, we highly recommend you to use the website 'add to cart'
We might unsubscribe the use of the P.O Form in future soon.

Please help us spread a word :)
Get us many many 'Likes' on our Facebook Page!

Anyway, as the 5th Anniversary and the launching of our new Website, 
You, who received this email, can have a discount code!
The coupon code allows you to have 5% discount on any In-stock items listed online.
We are still on the process on adding more products to our store, 
so this coupon will last you 3 months from now!

Thanks again for supporting us all these years :)


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