Monday, September 30, 2013

Big News!! Candytoyo big Clearance sale before AFA!!


Candytoyo is gonna have a 2 days!! Yes! 
Only for 2 days!! An online order Clearance sales!! 
We need to clear off our warehouse stock... Pilling up higher:(
Please support us by clearing off as many items as you can!! Hehe 
One simple note you have to take note of:) that is, for all these clearance items you order, you can only use home delivery service. 
No self-collection, no meet-ups, no combine collection, etc
Please understavd:)
As these items are going out at an unbelievable price, and we sure to make loses:( so please be kind and not let us have more burden in transportation fees:)

Anyway, home delivery service starts at $6 and caps at $12:D so it's reasonable :))))

Stay with us for the actual dates and sneak preview of items!!!

Thanks again for all friends who supported us:)!

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