Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New nendoroids COMING!!!!

Hi guys, we will have another nendoroid coming on our way for us to pre order !!!

New items !!! (Coming Soon)

Nendoroid Sasara Kusugawa: Valkyrie ver.

From the PS3 version of  'AQUAPAZZA'  finally released Sasara wearing her Valkyrie armor.!!!
Aw, isn't her armor awesome??
Considering the size of the nendoroid, her armor was pretty detailed, especially her weapon that shows her special effects. It is totally a perfect match to her clothing.

She comes with quite a number of exchangeable parts:
a shouting face
closed eye face
clear plastic wings
detachable Halberd (weapon)
effects part of the halberd.
and many more !!!


 the bonus for all of us,

Nendoroid Petite Maryan - senpai 

is included in it to support Sasara to perform the Partner Assist Attack! 

Maryan- senpai itself also includes different facial expression that allows you to create a battle scene or even a comedic scene! 

Pre order is coming out soon! Don't miss the chance to grab her XD!!!

Who knows she might be your favourite among all your nendoroids.>u<

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