Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Pre order Figma (coming soon)!!!!

After some Nendoroids how about looking at some figma XD!!

Guess what, pre order for Figma Kuroyukihime Accel Assault Version is coming soon! 

Kuroyukihime came from the anime series of Accel World. Her figma was created by Max factory and 
sadly to say that she is an exclusive of Dengekiya web. T^T

She is approximately 15cm high which i think it is quite tall as compare to other figma like Kagamine Len XD 

Anyway, she will be having a pre order soon and will be released in February 2013 at a retail price of 3,800 yen. 

Those who are a fan of her or are interested in buying her - make sure to take note of the pre order at our official website 
XD ! 

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